SmartCity® EazyFuel Fuel Card Solutions

SmartCity® EazyFuel is a full end-to-end solution allowing you to offer leading, innovative fuel card products to your customers. All system modules are included, from registration and card issuance to security, reporting and transaction management; all fully audited for security and tracking. Additional applications can be added as required, such as our extensive loyalty solution or unique gift card option, to encourage and reward your customers.


The system is flexible and customisable, so your offering to fleet customers can be distinct from that for personal cardholders and can reflect your company’s image and branding throughout.


You can be sure that with SmartCity® EazyFuel you will be offering your customers a proven, scalable and future-proofed solution to increase sales and promote customer retention.


SmartCity® EazyFuel Bonus

Increase your customer loyalty and offer rewards with SmartCity® EazyFuel Bonus. SmartCity® EazyFuel Bonus supports both simple loyalty and advanced and customisable rewards programs. .

Multiple loyalty programs from numerous merchants gathering points from various sources can be included as well as varying rewards levels and adjustable rules.


Any card, anywhere, anyhow

SmartCity® EazyFuel supports multiple card products, including own brand and 3rd party cards, and multiple card types, including the latest in contactless card technologies.

Cards can be assigned to individual drivers or vehicles and multiple checks and limits ranging from geographical to purchase limits can be set for each card.

Our system supports international use of the card with support for multi-currency and multi-language as well as offline support, so your cards can be used in any location, even without a network connection.

VAT reclaim and Customer Purchase level Rebates are supported within the system, and can be calculated locally or via an interface to a VAT reclaim agency.

All interfaces in the system are web based, providing ease of delivery, access and management.
Interfaces include those for system management, for registration, fleet managers, customer portal and third party systems.


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SmartCity® EazyFuel Solutions

A complete multi-application card based solution for your busines.

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