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SmartCity® is a worldwide leader in smart card systems with over 90 sites globally having issued over 5 million SmartCity® cards. Why? Because SmartCity® can host all main card applications on a single card, giving cardholders and the businesses a simple platform to purchase goods and access services.

SmartCity® is a modular web enabled suite from which businesses can select single applications – such as retail payments, logical access, vending and photocopying – or implement a complete business-wide system. 

Value can be added to SmartCity® cards using the internet, allowing cardholders or businesses to load funds to a card remotely. In addition, all SmartCity® cards can support up to four separate purses (accounts) ensuring that value on one purse (if dedicated) can only be spent in a particular location, such as in a bookstore, petrol station or for meals.

SmartCity® applications can use contact or contactless chip cards and can easily be added to magnetic stripe or proximity cards to support other existing systems.

With our Merchant Acquirer, SmartCity® automates transaction collections on-line and cards can be used both on and off-site in participating stores and restaurants, extending the reach and convenience of your smart card.


SmartCity® Modules

All or any of these applications can be chosen for your SmartCity® system:

  • ePurse for purchases in canteens, stores, vending, laundry, copy/print or over the web. Up to four purses on a card, which can be used in on and off site and/or with separate currencies
  • SmartMeals handles declining balance and other meal plan programs/ criteria for businesses or colleges/universities
  • Secure logon to PCs, networks and the internet: Smart cards provide a quick, simple and highly secure way to logon without passwords
  • Door Access: Access restricted areas quickly and securely with a wave of your card. Biometrics can be added for extra security
  • Biometrics: Provide additional security level of identity verification.  Biometric reside on the card which minimizes privacy concerns.
  • eTicketing: Use your card to pay for tickets and your same card becomes your ticket to gain entry to events.  Multiple tickets can reside on one card.
  • Loyalty: Earn points while you shop.  Configure different programs for each merchant or run campus-wide incentives.  Rewards can be instant or accumulated.
  • Parking: Cards can be used to pay for meters, pay and display systems or access to prepaid and gated/restricted areas

Benefits of SmartCity®

  • A wide range of solutions on a single card
  • ePurse, SmartMeals and non-payment applications, such as secure access and privilege control and secure personal data
  • Secure logical and physical access using PIN and/or biometrics
  • Added value applications such as eTicketing and Loyalty
  • Gradual transition from existing systems using a modular approach
  • On and off campus use


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